Advanced Vehicle Solutions...  is not a traditional marketing company or manufacturer's representative. In addition to accepting marketing projects that are usually outsourced or done in-house, we perform full service Master Representative functions. AVS's experience in the 12 Volt industry, specializing in the fast growing Advanced Driver Assistance Systems category, gives our client companies a distinct advantage. Our expertise in business development and marketing coupled with our network of national Manufacturers Representatives insures your products will get face time with the appropriate customers.  

 Advanced Vehicle Solutions is an enabler...

  • We can help you reach your audience           
  • Analyze your current position in the marketplace and make recommendations to achieve goals.
  • Assist your sales team in developing creative sales programs that sell through.
  • Guide your sales team to obtain maximum distribution within your selected channel.
  • Assist your sales and financial people to transition older inventory in a quick, cost effective way.
  • Guide your marketing personnel to create the appropriate image for your products.
  • Help your product development or engineering staff conceive products that have raison d'etre.
  • Assist you with publishers,web sites, bloggers and social media sites to get maximum editorial      coverage & lower rates for advertising.  

The key is thinking outside the box...Many smaller companies have found it increasingly difficult to compete on the same playing field as the larger more established ones and have either closed or been acquired. This phenomenon is of course a common occurrence in today's business world, most notably in Brick & Mortar retailing. The contributory factors are many and not limited to inferior products or second hand technology but rather to Marketing. Marketing is a much-ballyhooed term and tossed around almost nonchalantly, yet most companies do not understand the complexity of building a brand and bringing products to market especially in the age of the internet and social media. Innovative products and lower prices, alone, are not a guarantee of success in today's marketplace. Achieving total success in today's marketplace requires awareness, knowledge and relationships, these are not mutually exclusive.

Advanced Vehicle Solutions takes the re-seller's guesswork out of product assortment by offering only the best product(s) in a given category. All AVS products meet the following criteria:

  1. Functionality
  2. Quality
  3. Perceived Value



About Us...


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